MGM Mondo del Vino


"The new quality of Italian wines". This is the motto that directs the activities of MGM Mondo del Vino, as we believe that the great Italian wine-making tradition can always be improved.

April 5th, 1991 is the date of birth of MGM Mondo del Vino. On that day, the founders Alfeo Martini, Roger Gabb and Christoph Mack, oenologists and wine-making experts, welcomed three winemakers coming from long experiences in different continents, namely Gerd Stepp, Giorgio Dalla Cia, and Gaetane Carron. This encounter of different wine cultures resulted in a new way of thinking up, producing and marketing Italian quality wine.

Since 2005, the founding members have further innovated their approach to business and transferred substantial shares in the company to its management, in order to encourage a higher participation and the sharing of the project endorsed by MGM.

Today, the production process at MGM Mondo del Vino is closely followed by Gaetane Carron, Scipione Giuliani, Glenn Eberbach, Federico Stella, Adriano Grasso and other nine oenologists and biologists. This team works with expertise and professionalism by controlling every stage of wine-making, ageing, bottling, and quality control.

We are perfectly aware that the final judgement on the quality of our company depends on the value that our wines are able to communicate to the 300,000 consumers worldwide who taste them every day.

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